A one-stop grab lease solution worldwide

We can offer a full lease package based on:

1. Transport

The grabs will be delivered to your vessel and returned to the place of storage in accordance with your requirements.

2. Operation

Experienced grab technicians employed by UltraBulk will be present at all times to monitor the equipment from delivery of the grabs through the operation until redelivered at the storage point. The technicians will prepare, rig, grease and service the grabs around the clock as required to secure optimum cargo production. Tools including a wide range of spare parts are available with the grabs at all times.

3. Maintenance

All grabs are serviced and maintained to the highest standard. Overhaul and programmed maintenance is performed by our skilled workforce in affiliated workshops between cargo operations. As a result we can offer fully serviced grabs to our customers for non stop cargo operations, without surprises !

4. Crane drivers

In many ports of the world, we are in addition to the grabs also offering highly efficient and qualified crane drivers for your loading or discharging requirements thus the Ultrabulk product is truly a one-stop business concept.


Capacity and payload

The removing of spill plates is designed to adjust the grab capacity to suit cargoes with varying densities as per the following scale.

* Specialized closed fertilizer grabs.


Technical details

For the loading and discharging at ports with inadequate cargo handling equipment, we can offer for lease a range of single rope Peiner grabs with a capacity ranging from 10 to 12 cubic meters to cover your dry bulk cargo handling requirements.

Our grabs can be applied to the handling of most dry bulk commodities. They come equipped with removable spill plates allowing for the work in cargoes of different densities. 

The grabs are suitable for many commodities from coal to pet coke, grains to aggregates and iron ore to HBI.

Our grabs are positioned in sets of three or four units at strategic ports or hub locations around the world including Gibraltar and Singapore or onboard Ultrabulk controlled tonnage.

All grabs are PEINER Single Rope Radio Controlled grabs