Meet our trainees

Charlotte Louise Gottlieb

"I originally started as a Finance Trainee in Ultranav, but chose to change direction and joined the shipping trainee programme in Ultrabulk. I chose to become a shipping trainee because of the fast-paced environment, where no day is the same as the day before. You will be given responsibility from day one and your working day can be demanding and challenging which I find very motivating. When you work at Ultrabulk, you become a part of a global team which allows you to build up an international network with strong relationships across the globe, and this I really enjoy."


Nikolaj Lau Larsen

"I started out sailing at A.P. Moeller Maersk, but found out that sailing was not my thing. I wanted a shipping career with international opportunities, and Ultrabulk offered me what I wanted. Everyday, I gain new experiences and new challenges at work. I like to work in an international environment with different nationalities and cultures, and I appreciate the opportunity to get stationed abroad one day."

Christian Goth Dencker

"My favourite part of being a trainee at Ultrabulk is the inclusion that starts from the very beginning. Everyone is willing to help anyone. There is a unique balance in the work environment between casualness and formality. I have always felt I needed a hands-on job, and therefore a trainee position was a perfect match for me. And I enjoy every single day, because what I learn, I get to use in practice. This makes me feel like I am contributing to the company. A big perk to the traineeship at Ultrabulk is that you are guaranteed a 3 months stay in one of our offices abroad."

Lærke Sabroe

"As a trainee with Ultrabulk you will get the possibility to connect travel with work experience and learning. I am just about to finalise three months in Santiago, Chile, sitting in our Operation department, and before my experience here, I have had the pleasure of visiting our office in Hamburg several of times. This already after being with the company for one year. Ultrabulk is a company that appreciates giving their trainees personal responsibility and see them grow from day one. 

When coming to Chile and explore that Ultrabulk is only one of many companies – like agencies, tank division, parceling, tug companies, etc. – and with 8 Ultrabulk offices around the world, you realise that you are a part of something much bigger"

Oliver Stahl

Hands-on from day one

"What I enjoyed most about my traineeship with Ultrabulk was the hands-on experience. From the first day you are handling real issues in the ports and at sea. Sometimes it can be hard to believe that with a few emails and phone calls, you do worldwide business from your desk. During the two years period you are step-by-step gaining more knowledge to make you ready for the “real” life after the traineeship.

Today, I’m sitting in the Chartering department, where I’m handling our Panamax (70,000-85,000 dwt) fleet together with my colleagues."

The world is your playground

"At Ultrabulk, you are not only doing worldwide business. You also get to travel and meet a lot of people. I have already spent three months at our head quarter in Santiago, Chile, and travelled to various destinations around the world for meetings and vessel visits. You will get to know a lot of people and get to see many things that will be very hard to experience without this job."

Peter Lykkegaard Madsen

An International Career

"Since I was very young, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in shipping. Primarily due to the luck I have had, with family being in the same business, I have experienced shipping at very close sight since early stages in my life.

It has given me the opportunity to move around the world with my family throughout my childhood. This is also part of the reason why I chose to chase a career in shipping.

I have now been with Ultragas for a little over two years and have already spent more than six months living abroad, including various other shorter travels.

The Ultranav Group offers an opportunity to travel abroad during your time as a trainee as the only shipowner in Denmark. It is a great opportunity already as a trainee to experience the meaning of living abroad and working in different segments/markets of the company."

A diversified group

"What the Ultranav Group offers compared to other trainee positions, is an opportunity to work in different segments during the two-year period. I had the luck to work in dry-bulk, tankers, and the gas segment, where I now hold a position on the Chartering desk. 

The fact that you can experience the shipping industry from various segments gives you a much better understanding and it is a great benefit to understand the ups and downs of the demanding world of shipping."