Meet our trainees

Charlotte Louise Gottlieb

"I originally started as a Finance Trainee in Ultranav, but chose to change direction and joined the shipping trainee programme in Ultrabulk. I chose to become a shipping trainee because of the fast-paced environment, where no day is the same as the day before. You will be given responsibility from day one and your working day can be demanding and challenging which I find very motivating. When you work at Ultrabulk, you become a part of a global team which allows you to build up an international network with strong relationships across the globe, and this I really enjoy."


Nikolaj Lau Larsen

"I started out sailing at A.P. Moeller Maersk, but found out that sailing was not my thing. I wanted a shipping career with international opportunities, and Ultrabulk offered me what I wanted. Everyday, I gain new experiences and new challenges at work. I like to work in an international environment with different nationalities and cultures, and I appreciate the opportunity to get stationed abroad one day."

Christian Goth Dencker

"My favourite part of being a trainee at Ultrabulk is the inclusion that starts from the very beginning. Everyone is willing to help anyone. There is a unique balance in the work environment between casualness and formality. I have always felt I needed a hands-on job, and therefore a trainee position was a perfect match for me. And I enjoy every single day, because what I learn, I get to use in practice. This makes me feel like I am contributing to the company. A big perk to the traineeship at Ultrabulk is that you are guaranteed a 3 months stay in one of our offices abroad."

Arturo Williamson

"The best thing about being a trainee is the opportunity to learn about and work in all the different areas within the company and end up with a very general and complete view of how the business works. To fully understand how the shipping industry works, it is very important to understand how each department connects with the rest, and that is exactly what the trainee program gives you. 

Besides the great professional opportunities, another very nice thing is that you get the chance to meet and get involved with people from all around the world, so you get into a very multicultural atmosphere which I really enjoy! In a few words, being a trainee is a perfect balance between a good professional start and a nice social/networking life.”

Alexander Madsen

“The best thing about being a trainee at Ultrabulk A/S is the social atmosphere which I quickly found out to be deeply integrated in the company’s DNA. Way before I even had my first day at the office, the senior employees and trainees invited me out for various social events which really showed me their will and excitement of welcoming a new trainee to the team. 

The international environment and the chance to meet people from different cultures was my reason to pursue a career within the shipping industry. During a traineeship at Ultrabulk A/S the trainee gets the opportunity to go abroad for a 3-month period. This gives you an understanding of the major differences between working with people from e.g. the Northern Europe and people from South America.”

Sophia Sander-Bjerge

”As a daughter of a former captain, I have always been interested in the maritime sector. The first time I heard specifically about shipping I knew what I wanted to do with my future. Shipping is not a job, it’s a lifestyle. No two days are alike, but everyday includes contact with people from all over the world where decisions have to be made even though the supply and demand for ships and cargos are constantly changing. 

This means that things are happening all the time and the market can change so fast, making a career in shipping challenging and at the same time really interesting. Since joining Ultrabulk’s trainee program, I have learned something new every day and been in contact with people from all over the world since the first day I started.”