Meet our trainees

Kasper Hviid

At the age of 24, Kasper started his traineeship in September 2014 after a Reserve Officer education in the army and two periods of studying abroad. 

Professional Colleagues

“What I enjoy the most about the traineeship in Ultrabulk is that very early in the process, you get the feeling that you are a part of a team. A great team! Knowing that you are surrounded by not only very professional colleagues, but also colleagues, who respects you and listen to you, is something that I appreciate very much. My experience is that as much as you want to learn and develop your skills, as much do your supervisors and colleagues want to teach and support you. With that being said, of course the international aspect and network in shipping is the key motivator and the most fascinating part for me”.

Global Network

“When you arrive in the morning at the office in Gentofte, Denmark or Santiago, Chile, you check in to an international area, where people make business, build relationships or deal with operational issues anywhere on the globe, not only in English, but in various languages. You learn very quickly, that no day in shipping is the same, due to the fact that it is global and always being affected by foreseen and unforeseen circumstances. It demands that you are in front of everything you can be in front of, or at least be aware of what is happening around the world. This is for me another key motivator”.

A Unique Programme

“The traineeship is built up around a two-year rotation program in the various departments like Operations, Chartering, Operations Control and Bunkers together with three months in the group head office in Santiago, Chile which is very unique experience, as you get an idea of what it is like to be stationed abroad. My experience is that everywhere in the company you go, there are colleagues who will supervise you and teach you everything they can”.

“Parallel with the in-house education at the company, we attend the Danish Shipping Academy together with the other trainees from the Danish shipping community. We take courses in ship knowledge, cultural understanding, negotiation, communication, maritime economics and maritime law all with highly skilled and professional teachers”.

“All in all I would recommend being an Ultrabulk shipping trainee any day. I think that the program is unique, and the fact that you feel supported from all colleagues every day, allows you to focus on the essential, which is gaining all the knowledge you can, and develop your skills in the two-year period. And of course have a bunch of fun while doing it”. 


Cecilie Deichmann

Cecilie started her traineeship when she was 21 years old in September 2014. She came with a background from HHX and 2 years gap which she spent on travelling in Central America and working abroad in London.

Learning by Doing

“I originally started on a Bachelor at CBS but it wasn’t long before I realized that I learn better by the ‘learning by doing’ and ‘training on the job’ methods and I was eager to get real life experience in a diverse and international trainee position which are criteria that I get fulfilled by being a Shipping Trainee in Ultragas”.

International Opportunities

“I have always known I wanted a career with international opportunities and busy working days. I like to have lots of tasks to juggle with and being in an international environment where situations can change throughout the day.

In the Ultra group we have a great rotation programme for the trainees within the Company. There is focus on giving the trainees as much knowledge and experience as possible throughout the two years to make them as competent as possible for their future positions”.

“So far, I have been in Bunker Purchase, Technical Operation and Commercial Operations. I have joined colleagues on business trips to vessels at several ports, I have spent time working abroad at an office in Rotterdam, I will soon join our office in Chile for 3 months and I still have one year to go!”

Work Experience

 “Your working day can be demanding and challenging. You have the possibility to gain responsibility early in the process. Those three keywords are exactly what motivate me the most in this Company!”

 “I have from the beginning known that I would like to end up with a position in the Commercial Operations department. In Commercial Operations we operate and instruct the vessels. That involves being in close contact with the Captains, the Brokers and various departments within the company every day. You are the one who instructs the ships about where to sail and how to proceed and are a part of making sure the operation is done the most efficient way. There are many things to take care of when a vessel is sailing from A to B, and time is money! It is often about problem solving, being structured, planning and cooperate with various people”.