As of September 2021, Ultrabulk has a new CEO.

After 40 years in shipping, Per Lange has decided to step down as the CEO of Ultrabulk. The early notification given to the Board has given the opportunity for a well planned generational change. Per Lange will maintain his close engagement with the Ultranav Group as the Managing Director of Ultranav Denmark ApS. His responsibilities will be to continue in Danish Shipping Commercial Committee and the Climate Change Advisory Board. Furthermore, he will be representing Ultranav, staying in close contact with the Danish shipping cluster and all relevant stakeholders in Denmark, as well as handling upcoming projects for the Ultranav Group.

New CEO is Per von Appen. Per is no stranger to the shipping industry or to Ultrabulk in particular. He was part of the formation of Ultrabulk, which he led from 2004 until 2010, when Ultrabulk merged with Eitzen Bulk. Since then, he has been heading up the von Appen Family Office and held various Executive and Board positions within the Ultranav Group. Per von Appen is a Chilean citizen and resides in Chile.

Per von Appen says “I’m really looking forward to taking over the torch from Per Lange, who has built a very strong platform. It is a highly professional and dynamic team, and together with the team, I look forward to further developing and strengthening the Ultrabulk position in the market.

Now is a good time to hand over the torch as Ultrabulk is enjoying the great upturn in the market. A new strategy will provide more autonomy to business units and focus more on short-term trading.

Per Lange says: “The change has been planned for quite some time, and this has allowed for timely preparations. I have had the pleasure of working with Per von Appen since 2010, and he has ample and valuable experience within the bulk transport area, and I am confident that Per von Appen and the rest of the team will be able to further strengthen our excellent clients’ relations and further grow the activities.”

Dag von Appen, Chairman of the Ultranav Group, states: “I would like to sincerely thank Per Lange for his leadership and efforts in building the Ultrabulk platform and for taking our dry bulk activities to where we are today. We are very pleased that Per has accepted to stay with the Group and continue to play an important role for our Group going forward. And we are happy that we were jointly able to find a balance, which allows Per more time for his family and other priorities, whilst still being able to rely on his vast experience and network.

Per Lange


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Ultrabulk is part of Ultranav, a large and diversified group of shipping companies. Ultranav was founded in Chile in 1960 by Captain Albert von Appen.

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