Meet the Management Team
and the Board of Directors

Senior management

Hans-Christian Olesen

Chief Executive Officer & Head of Long-Term

Mr. Olesen is the Chief Executive Office of Ultrabulk since 2022. Before then he was Chief Operating Officer and also held various other management positions in the company. Mr. Olesen’s shipping career started in 1987 when he was employed by the East Asiatic Company (EAC). In 1997, he transferred to the Eitzen group in connection with the latter’s take-over of EAC’s bulk activities, and in 2010 Eitzen Bulk merged into Ultrabulk. In his early career, Mr. Olesen was stationed for two years in Vancouver, Canada and two years in New York, USA. After returning to the head office in Copenhagen in 1994, he took responsibility for the company’s chartering department for the European dry cargo division. From 2003, he headed the Far East and Middle East activities and subsequently in 2007, took global responsibility for the company’s Supramax activities. In 2014, Mr. Olesen also took charge of the company’s global Panamax activities, before taking the position as Chief Operating Officer in 2021. Mr. Olesen has a degree in international trade from the Copenhagen Business School. In addition to being the Chairman of the Baltic Exchange European Advisory Council, and an Advisor to the Baltic Exchange Index Council, Mr. Olesen is also a Director of BIMCO. Furthermore, he is a board member of a number of Ultrabulk subsidiaries. Mr. Olesen is a Danish citizen and resides in Denmark.

Daniel Ng Tat Yuen

Head of Asia

Mr. Ng joined Tschudi & Eitzen in November 2000 doing chartering and marketing of T&E Supramax business. In July 2005, he moved to Beijing to set up the Eitzen Bulk Beijing Representative office, focusing on exploring business opportunities in China for the company. In 2010, Eitzen Bulk was acquired by Ultranav. Mr. Ng returned to Singapore in January 2017 as Head of Supramax, Asia. Mr. Ng graduated in 1993 from the University of Plymouth, United Kingdom, with a Honours degree in Maritime Studies, and later obtained an MBA with University of South Australia in 1998. Since 2018, Mr. Ng has been a part-time lecturer at Singapore’s Nanyang Technology University for the Master’s programme in Ship Chartering, Operations and Broking. Mr. Ng is a Singapore citizen and resides in Singapore.

Kenneth Carlsen

Head of Panamax

Mr. Carlsen stated his shipping career in the late 1980s. His career started in Copenhagen followed by 10 years in London working for an owners/operator company and for latter part as broker. In 2001 Mr. Carlsen joined Tschudi and Eitzen Bulkers with later became Ultrabulk. During his 20 years in the company, Mr. Carlsen has been involved in all segments being Handy, Supramax and Panamax both in the Atlantic and the Pacific. Prior to taking over the position as Head of Panamax, Mr. Carlsen held the position as Head of Supramax in the Atlantic, but with daily special focus on the East Coast South America area. Mr. Carlsen is a Danish citizen and resides in Denmark.


Klaus Munk Andersen

Head of Supramax

Mr. Andersen started his shipping career in 1989 at the East Asiatic Company (EAC) and in 1996 was stationed to Hong Kong as General Manager with responsibility for the group’s dry cargo activities in Asia. In 1997, he transferred to the Eitzen Group when they acquired the EAC bulk activities. In 2000, Mr. Andersen was promoted to Group Senior Vice President, Head of Asia and established the company’s present Asian headquarters in Singapore. While he continued having the responsibility for the group’s dry cargo activities in Asia, Mr. Andersen was in 2004 also appointed Managing Director of the company’s ship owning activities in Singapore, with responsibility for the fleet of own bulk carriers, gas carriers and chemical tankers. In 2014, Mr. Andersen relocated from Singapore to Chile as Executive Vice President and took over the global responsibility for Ultrabulk’s handysize division and the office in Santiago. In 2021 Mr. Andersen took the position as Head of Supramax. He is a member of the Ultrabulk global executive management committee. Mr. Andersen holds a HD degree in Business Economics and Marketing Management from Copenhagen Business School (1995) and has completed the Advanced Management Programme at Harvard Business School, Boston (2017) . Mr. Andersen is a Danish citizen and resides in Denmark.

Thomas Ingerslev

Head of Handysize

Mr. Ingerslev started his career in 2003 as trainee with Tschudi & Eitzen Bulkers. Upon completion of the apprenticeship, Mr. Ingerslev was posted in Brazil. In 2009, Mr. Ingerslev returned to the head quarters in Denmark and took various positions with Eitzen Bulk and subsequently Ultrabulk, when the aforementioned was acquired in 2010. In 2014, Mr. Ingerslev joined Eastern Bulk carriers as General Manager, Head of Atlantic in Norway. Also in 2014, Mr. Ingerslev subsequently joined Ultrabulk as General Manager, Head of Brazil developing the commercial activities in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. In 2021, Mr. Ingerslev took the position as Head of Handysize in Copenhagen taking over the global responsibility of the activities in Ultrabulk’s handysize division. Mr. Ingerslev has an Executive MBA in shipping and logistics from Copenhagen Business School (2019). Mr. Ingerslev is a Danish citizen and resides in Denmark.

Saskia Hochstein

Head of Parcel Service

Mrs. Hochsten started her shipping career in Hamburg in 1992 as a trainee and visiting the Staatliches Handelschule Berliner Tor which she finished with an international shipping degree. Hereafter, Mrs. Hochstein working in London and Hamburg as a shipbroker before she left Hamburg to go back to her hometown Duesseldorf where she ran the family shipping company together with her father as a Managing Director. Her main focus was on specialized chartering activities in the Liner and Parcelling segment and with a strong focus on steel trading. In 2012 Mrs. Hochstein moved to Denmark and joined the Ultranav Group in 2013 where she started the Parcelling activities for Ultrabulk. She is presently holding the position as Head of Parcel Service. Mrs. Hochstein is a German citizen with Dutch roots and resides in Denmark.

Jørgen Larsen

Head of MPP

Mr. Larsen started his shipping career in 1982 as a shipping trainee for Copenship. After graduation Mr. Larsen was stationed in Rouen, France, where he worked as a broker for Inchcape Shipping Service. In 1993, he returned to Copenhagen and Copenship and in 2010 he became a majority shareholder of the company. For more than three decades, Mr. Larsen has applied his in-depth knowledge on the trade to and from East/West and South Africa and was in March 2015 employed by Ultrabulk to expand this trade. Today, Mr. Larsen is taking up a position as Head of the MPP department with emphasis on the trades to and from East, West and South Africa. Mr. Larsen is a Danish citizen and resides in Denmark.

Axel Krumhoff

Head of African Services

Mr. Krumhoff started his career in shipping in 1986 with MACS ground in Hamburg by taking the shipping apprentice ship with the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. Later, he transferred to Johannesburg, South Africa as Chartering Executive. In 1991 Mr. Krumhoff joined Neptune Shipping Johannesburg as Cargo Broker. Two years later, he joined Marine Cargo Lines (MCL) in Johannesburg as a Chartering Manager. In 1999 Mr. Krumhoff transferred to MCL in Spain as Chartering and Commercial Manager. In 2004 he joined Island View Shipping as Chartering Manager and later he became General Manager of the company. Finally, in 2017 Mr. Krumhoff joined Ultrabulk in South Africa where he presently holds the position as Head of African Services. Mr. Krumhoff is a German citizen with a permanent residence permit residing in Cape Town.

Jean-Pierre du Toit

Head of African Services

Mr. du Toit started his career in shipping in 2003 with a 1-year chartering traineeship at Sealift in Antwerp. In 2007 he joined Beluga Shipping in Johannesburg, South Africa where he ran all the chartering and commercial activities on his own for four years. Meanwhile, in 2009 he got his diploma in Management from the Graduate School of Business at the University of Witwatersrand. Beluga Shipping folded internationally which led to Mr. du Toit joining Island View Shipping in Durban in 2011. Here, he remained for six years in most of which he ran the SA / China parcel service. In March 2017 Mr. du Toit joined Ultrabulk and started the office in Cape Town, where he currently holds the position as Head of African services. Mr. du Toit is a South African citizen and resides in Cape Town.

Søren C. Thomsen

Head of Global Operations

Mr. Thomsen started his shipping career in 1987 as a shipping trainee at the East Asiatic Company (EAC). After graduation, Mr. Thomsen was stationed abroad at the company’s offices first in the USA and England. In 1993, he was appointed promoted deputy General Manager of the shipping department of Saudi Industrial Export Company in Riyadh. Mr. Thomsen returned to EAC’s bulk division in Copenhagen in 1995, and transferred to the Eitzen Group when they acquired the EAC dry bulk activities in 1997. Also in 1997, Mr. Thomsen was promoted to head the Eitzen Bulk operations department, which also includes the responsibility for fuel procurement, laytime and legal commercial issues. Since becoming part of the Ultranav Group, these duties have been combined with overseeing the management of the Ultrabulk-owned fleet as well as participating in various formal shipping-related networks and committees. His theoretical education has been complimented by a management development programme that includes courses at such institutions as INSEAD. Mr. Thomsen is a Danish citizen and resides in Denmark.

Oskar Fabricius

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Fabricius started his career in shipping in 2011 as Shipping Trainee in Nordic Tankers, after which he served as an operator. In 2014, he joined Ultranav Business Support, first as Head of Operations Control and then a few years later as Head of Operations Control and Business Intelligence, responsible for creating the Business Intelligence unit we have in Ultrabulk today. In 2020, Mr. Fabricius was promoted to Managing Director of Ultranav Business Support, and in 2021, when Ultranav Business Support merged into Ultrabulk, Mr. Fabricius took the position of CFO, while also maintaining the responsibility for the support team. Mr. Fabricius has a financial and analytical background and studied a Master of Science in Business Administration and Auditing at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark and in 2022 he attended the Transition to Business Leadership programme at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland. Mr. Fabricius is Danish citizen and resides in Denmark.

Board of Directors

Per von Appen

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Per von Appen obtained a Business Degree at the Universidad Católica de Chile 1994. After which he took shipping internships, both in Europe and the USA, most notably at Galbraith in London, Oldendorff in Germany and Cape Tankers, Fort Lauderdale. Mr. von Appen was appointed Ultrabulk Executive Vice President, Head of Handysize in 2011, where he was responsible for the impressive growth in activities. In 2014, Mr. von Appen was transferred and appointed Executive Vice President of Transmares. His theoretical education has been complimented via a management development program that included an advanced management program at the Harvard University. Mr. von Appen is a Chilean citizen and resides in Chile.

Jan Vermeij

Board Member

Mr. Vermeij has more than 30 years of working experience, holding different management positions in Chile, Argentina and Peru. Mr. Vermeij has been part of Ultramar/Ultranav Group for about 18 years. In 2007, he was appointed Executive Vice President of Petrolera Transoceanica, an important shipping Company based in Peru. In 2009, he came back to Chile being designated CEO of Ultratug, the Ultranav’s tugboat company with operations in 8 countries in South America. In 2014, he assumed the responsibility to lead Ultramar group of companies holding the position of CEO. In 2018, Mr. Jan Vermeij re-joined Ultranav as COO, and in 2021 he became the new CEO. Mr. Vermeij has a Bachelor of Arts degree (Economics major) from the Occidental College – Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. and a post-graduated in Business Administration from Universidad Adolfo Ibañez – Santiago, Chile. Mr. Vermeij is a Chilean citizen and resides in Chile.

Peter Stokes

Board Member

Mr. Stokes has been involved in the shipping industry for 50 years, and previously served as Senior Adviser and Head of Shipping at Lazard. Through his work as a senior investment banker and member of several boards of directors, Mr. Stokes has long-standing experience in acting as advisor to many shipping companies. He has been a member of the Advisory Board of Ultranav for the past 10 years and served as Chairman of the Global Maritime Forum, a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to shaping the future of global seaborne trade to increase sustainable long-term economic development and human well-being, since its foundation in 2017. Due to his breadth of knowledge, Peter Stokes is a frequent speaker at international shipping and finance conferences. Mr. Stokes is a British citizen and resides in England.

Enrique Ide

Board Member

Mr. Enrique Ide has a comprehensive management experience and experience as member of the board of directors of different
industrial companies and moreover long-standing experience in the shipping industry. He was CEO of Ultranav for 11 years
and is a board member for Empresas Carozzi S.A. and Küpfer Hermanos S.A,. Mr. Ide holds an MBA from the Harvard
Business School, he is a Chilean citizen and resides in Chile.


Meet the Management Team and the Board of Directors.


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