Recently, Ultrabulk and Ultranav had the pleasure of hosting an event in Rio de Janeiro focusing on the future of sustainable maritime transport an net zero emission shipping. We were delighted to see a turnout of over 120 attendees from the local shipping community, and our own employees flew in from offices around the world to join the discussions on net zero emissions in shipping.

The topic for the event was “Green shipping and lowering emissions” and featured three enlightening lectures each delving into different aspects of reducing emissions in the shipping industry. The first lecture, presented by Refinaria de Petroleo Riograndense showcased the project for the first biorefinery in Brazil and the products to be generated from this biorefinery. Following this, Petrobras led a debate on initiatives aimed at reducing emissions in maritime transport. Lastly, Ultrabulk shared insights on ammonia-fuelled vessels as a step towards greener shipping solutions. Learn more about the topic here.

Each lecture provided new and interesting knowledge to the guests and fostered many more discussions and perspectives from all participants throughout the evening. The event not only facilitated networking opportunities but also encouraged engaging discussions about the future of reducing emissions and the role of each member of the maritime community in the goal of making the world net zero.

We would like to thank all that participated in the event and contributed to the debate. The event served as yet another confirmation on how different perspectives and perceptions of the topic enable us to learn, grow and inspire each other and the industry, and take us closer to our common goal of a greener maritime industry.


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