Parcel Service

Parcelling is our world.

We are dedicated to providing tailor-made service and transport solutions to our partners, based on flexibility, reliability, and experience.


For further information on respective services, please see;

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Ultrabulk Parcel and MPP Services

Both services are dedicated to providing tailor-made service and transport solutions to partners, based on flexibility, reliability and experience

Ultrabulk diversified into the Parceling segment in 2013 and MPP in 2015. These new services were established in order offer customers an even broader range of products. Since initiation they have been well received by their respective trades. Firm market presence has been attained and regular sailings are now offered on core trading routes. Due to customers increasing interest for these new services, enhancements to services and routes offered are being pursued.

MPP Service

Ultrabulk takes you to Africa and back

Regular sailings are offered from the Baltic, UK, Continent, Mediterranean, Adriatic and Black Sea to East and South Africa including islands either via West Africa or Red Sea and back loading from Mozambique + South Africa to Mediterranean, continent, UK and Baltic.

Parcel Service

Parcels are our world

Sailings are offered from the Baltic, Continent, Mediterranean, Black Sea and the Far East to NCSA, Caribs, ECSA,incl. WCCA, WCSA, USG, USEC.