Specialised services

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Specialised services

Ultrabulk is specialised in niche services, offering tailormade cargo handling solutions to a broad range of customers. We are ready to cater to all your transportation needs and we have the experience and know-how to transport a variety of special cargoes and offer to handle your cargo from the moment it leaves production site; during loading, shipment and discharge; to intermediary storage and until final delivery.

MPP Services

Ultrabulk MPP is working geared single or tween-deckers from 8,000 dwt upto 22,000 dwt equally concentrating on bulk, breakbulk and project cargoes.

With our specialised tonnage we offer competitive freight solutions for full shipments as well as part-cargoes including imo cargoes, inland transport and bagging/strapping.

We operate worldwide, but with emphasis on the trades to and from East, West and South Africa, including the East African Islands.

Our Copenhagen staff has been specialised in operation in these difficult areas for more than three decades.

In addition to full shipments we are also offering regular sailings on part cargo basis from the Baltic, UK, Continent, Mediterranean, Adriatic and Black Sea to East and South Africa including islands either via West Africa or Red Sea and back loading from Mozambique + South Africa to the Mediterranean, Continent, UK and Baltic.


MPP route map

Focus trades


Baltic / UK – Continent / Mediterranean / Adriatic / Black Sea


East and South Africa including Islands either via West Africa or Red Sea and back loading Mozambique + South Africa to Continent / Mediterranean and Baltic

“Africa is the center of our world”

MPP fleet

Ijsselborg • Ijzerborg • Jan van Gent

Genius Star X

Genius Star IX

MPP Team



Associated services

Horizon Shipping

West Coast South America /
India – Asia – Europe.

Tel.: +1 305 373 2454
E-mail: lot@lotocean.com
Web: www.horizonshippingpanama.com


West Coast South

Tel.: +56 2 2630 1000
E-mail: Alejandra.canales@transmares.cl
Web: www.transmares.cl


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Ultrabulk is part of the large and diversified shipping group Ultranav, which was founded in Chile in 1960 by Captain Albert von Appen. Ultranav now has offices in 17 countries.

Specialised services

Special cargo? We are specialists in tailor-made transportation and cargo handling solutions.

How we work

Our teams go beyond borders, so no matter where in the world you are, we are ready to assist on any marine transportation need you have.